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In recent years advances in medical cares have been remarkable .One major reason that can be accounted for, is the collaboration between the two scientific fields of engineering and medicine. Considering the different views of medical and engineering fields, this collaboration led to useful and fruitful results.


 The department of biomedical engineering of Amir Kabir University of technology as the first faculty of biomedical engineering in the country and the only independent biomedical engineering department at the main public universities is the main place of teaching –research in biomedical engineering field in the country.


The department offers three teaching programs of bioelectric, biomechanics and biomaterials in which the students are trained in three levels of bachelor, master and PhD in all three programs. On average the department annually accepts about 120 bachelors and 131 masters and 23 PhD students in bioelectric, biomechanics, biomaterials, sport engineering and tissue engineering . All programs have the highest educational standards both qualitative quantitatively and qualitatively.


Biomedical engineering department has more than 37 full time academic members with different up-to-date research interests.




Department History

In year 1366, the first step towards creating the field of biomedical engineering in Iran was taken by the hand-cybernetics project and establishing biomedical engineering laboratory in the faculty of electrical engineering of Amirkabir University of technology. This project was supervised by prof.Hashemi_Golpayegani and some other faculty members from different universities participated in the project by collaboration of bachelor, master and PhD students. In 1368, this project was awarded by the first Kharazmi prize in Iran. This project was continued in the same laboratory in conjunction with some other projects related to artificial neural networks and many bachelor, master and PhD students finished their thesis in this laboratory. The results of these activities were published in many national and international conferences and journals.


 In 1371, the first biomedical engineering faculty in Iran was established in Amirkabir University of technology. The faculty offered master and PhD programs in bioelectric, biomechanics and biomaterials. Bachelor programs were established in 1374 for bioelectric and in 1381 for biomechanics and biomaterials. Virtual programs were started in 1383 with the master program for management of biomedical informatics, in 1386 for biomaterials and in 1387 for sport and tissue engineering.


Today in total 3304 students have been graduated from this faculty and there are 793 active students in the department.





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