Department Facilities

Department space
The department has ... Square meters of educational buildings, office in four floors, including computer center, laboratories, classes and faculty member offices.

Computer Center
The facilities of the center includes 65 advanced personal computer under Windows operating system, two printers and two scanners in two separate sites for undergraduate and graduate students.


Available facilities in the center provide suitable environment for the students to do their assignments and projects.


Computer center covers computer equipments administrative services, at different parts of the department and is responsible for maintenance, support and management of softwares and hardwares in the department.



 Activities of this center are as follows:


• Support and maintenance of computer hardware and softwares for the department


• School repair and update the computers


• establish and maintain communication department network with the university network through the informatics center and fix problems in case of network failure

• providing general and specialized software required for courses of various levels and for some student projects


• providing necessary facilities for students to access the university information systems, and electronic mail and Internet


In the development of educational and research activities, there are in total of 24 laboratories under the supervision of faculty members and educational experts. Each laboratory has equipped well with the necessary hardware and advanced software packages which help the faculty members and students in their activities.


List of laboratories active in the department are as follows.

• Tissue lab.
• Bio-Ceramic Lab
• synthesis lab.
• Fluids lab
• Modeling Lab
• Cardiovascular Lab
• Sleep lab.
• Speech lab
• laser lab.
• Nano-sansor lab.
• Image processing lab.
• Neuromuscular Lab
• Bio-robotics lab.
• Physiology Lab
• Analysis of movement lab.
• Traction lab.
• Circuit and micro lab.
• control lab
• Electronics Lab
• Instrumentation Lab
• Nano-biomaterial lab.

Despite being young and new field of research in the country the department of biomedical engineering has an independent library and in addition the departmental members & students have access to the central library and library of other departments too.


The library of the department has the following resources:


• 1023 Persian books
• 1407 Latin books
• 10 title Persian journal
• 20 title foreign journals
• 455 Bachelor thesis
• 504 Master Thesis
• 47 PhD thesis
• 471 seminars

Other Facilities
Other spaces include department classes, Amphitheater, faculty member offices, finance and administrative offices, conference rooms, etc.