Bioelectric major in biomedical engineering is one of the most extensive fields of research in the faculty. Some research directions for this branch can be listed as following:
A vital signal needs to be recorded in which requires its proper hardware design and construction and very safe and optimal use of technology. As considered for all topics in Signal Processing, two main processing stages are required on the signals to be applied to achieve the ultimate goals. Other than the main stages of processing, some of the vital signals require a basic computational work which itself requires to use some special processing methods.
The major subcategories of signal processing in which considered in the faculty are automatically diagnose the diseases, the vital signal co
mpression, recognition of the vital characteristics, and send commands to the artificial organs and other specific applications
Vital signal processsing.
As medical images create a two-dimensional and even three-dimensional (by computer) representation of the body organs, they are very important diagnostic tools for physicians and a large part of the research has been dedicated to them.

 Image processing and medical imaging systems
Speech is one of the most important signs of aliveness that is created by human. Considering the extensive development of computer systems and the increasing importance of types of audio and speech processing in the world today and the features associated with speech production and nervous system anatomical characteristics of speech production and how it is functioning central nervous system, shows the importance of addressing this issue in the faculty of biomedical engineering.

 Speech and voice processing and system design for speech therapy and help along with speech disabilities
Study, analysis and modeling of biological systems, while it helps in the scientific and technical development of other branches of bioelectric field, it also provides some strong ideas for innovations in other branches of engineering science field such as signal processing, communications and control. Importance of this branch of the bioelectric is being infrastructure and basics for the other branches of this field
 Modeling biological systems

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