Currently materials used in the body can be classified in groups of metals, polymers, ceramics & composites.Application of biomaterials is affected by the   reaction of the materials & body and they should be biologically adaptive.  In other words, the effect of body environment on the materials and the effect of materials on the body have to be considered.Biopolymers, bioceramics & biometals are the most important materials in this field.
Among the different materials used for biological and health expenditures, polymeric materials have special status such that nearly 90% of biomaterials have polymeric base. 
 Polymers can produce a wide range of physical and mechanical properties and they have much lower density compared with metal and ceramic materials. Their properties of survival and their resistance to biological environment are desirable too. Today biopolymers are used for different applications as artificial organs, medical devices, aids treatment and diagnosis, restorative devices, smart biological systems, etc. Biopolymer materials have natural, synthetic or recycled origin.
Metal materials are among important basic materials in biomedical engineering as they are widely applicable in implant surgery. Designing, and manufacturing processes shaping appropriate biometals along with new technology transactions require special attention because external materials interact with human tissues and adaptation is possible only under certain environmental conditions.

Ceramics are refractory crystal compounds which are usually consumable and they include materials such as silicates, metal oxides, carbides, refractory hydrate types, sulfurs, and solenoids. Because of the special and desirable properties of these materials, they are used as implant materials.

Glues are used for connecting the two materials through their surface. Medical glues can be used for connecting hard and soft tissues. Glues for connecting the soft tissues can be used as an external connection such as connecting colostomy bags to the body, or internally such as closing wounds and for prevent of bleeding.
Medical glues

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