Engineering mathematics

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(Department)  Biomedical Engineering         (Division)       -
 (Level and Major) bachelor
 Course Title     Engineering mathematics
Number of Credits       3             Prerequisite calculus 1 , differential equations
Lecturer -

Course Description -
 Course Goals and Objectives
Familiarity with the concepts and applications of Fourier transform and Fourier transforms, fields and methods of analysis of equations with complex derivatives, functions and mappings
Course Topics        
1- Fourier series and conversion (integral):
 Fourier series definition, Euler formulas, half-domain expansion, forced oscillations, Fourier integrals.
2. Equations with Partial Derivatives, Vibration Blur, One-Variable Wave Equation, Variables Separation Method, Dalmer's Equation for Wave Equation, Heat Propagation Equation, Bivariate Wave Equation, Laplace Equation in Cartesian Coordinates, Spherical and Polarizem, Higuelong, H , Laplace's Conversions for Solving Equations with Partial Derivatives and Equations with Partial Derivatives Using Fourier Transform.
3. Analytical functions:
Limits and Continuities, Derivatives of Complex Functions, Exponential Functions, Triangular, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic, Triangular Inverse and Exponential
4- Integer line integrals, Cauchy's integral theorem, Calculation of line integrals by indefinite integrals, Cauchy's formula, Taylor's Loren exponentials, integral by residuals, residuals theorem, and computation of some integrals True.
5. Mapping:
Investigating the types of mappings: transition, scale, rotation, linear, congruent, power, reflection and its properties, linear fraction (binomial, mobius), logarithmic, trigonometric, hyperbolic and Zhukovsky
Reading Resources
1- CRWylie, "Advanced Engineering Mathematics", 6 th ed, McGraw-Hill, 1995
2- E.Kreyszig, "Advanced Engineering Mathematics", 10 th ed, Wiley, 201 6
3-    C . Rashed Mohassel, in the additional of your engineer 's , published by University of Tehran, 139 7
4-    B . Thaer A , of the additional the engineer of for the students of the disciplines of the sciences feet of main and engineer 's , the publication of the University of Technology of Isfahan 139 5
5-    D . USD of it, in the additional of your engineer 's , Rshna, ax the day, 1389

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