Hospital Medical Equipments

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(Department)  Biomedical Engineering         (Division)       -
 (Level and Major) bachelor

 Course Title    Hospital Medical Equipments
Number of Credits       3             Prerequisite Introdution to Biomedical Engineering , electroics 1
Lecturer -

Course Description -
 Course Goals and Objectives
1- Introduction to the general principles governing the design, manufacture and use of medical equipment
2) Preparing to design new medical equipment (or to upgrade existing equipment specifications) to meet different needs in a medical process
3- Familiarity with block diagrams and circuits of medical devices used in hospitals.
Course Topics        
1- Definition of medical equipments, their position in different medical processes, their different classifications (in terms of risk level, method of use, duration of use, method of energy supply, how to participate in medical operations)
2- Familiarity with the medical environment and facilities and medical facilities:
 (Infection control equipment, ventilation and pollution control system, medical waste management system, sewage control system, water treatment system for dialysis centers, plumbing system, consumables management system and medicines)
3. Exploring how to design a medical device:
(Example: Blood Heater)
4. Devices associated with cardiovascular systems
4-1 Injection Pump
4-2 Electrocardiograph
4-3 pulse oximeter
4-4 Non-invasive blood pressure monitor
4-5 Aggressive Blood Pressure Monitor
4-6 ICU / CCU monitoring
4-7 Defibrillator
4-8 Pacemaker
5. Respiratory system related devices
5-1 Spirometer
5-2 Ventilator
5-3 Anesthesia Machine
6- Blood purifiers:
Reading Resources
  1. Webster, John G., ed." Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design." John Wiley & Sons, 2009.
  2. Webster, John G., and Halit Eren. “Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook: Spatial, Mechanical, Thermal, and Radiation Measurement”. CRC press, 2016.

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