Medical Equipment Workshop

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(Department)  Biomedical Engineering         (Division)       -
 (Level and Major) bachelor

Course Title Medical Equipment Workshop
Number of Credits       3             Prerequisite Hospital Medical Equipments
Lecturer -

Course Description -
 Course Goals and Objectives
1- Familiarity with the rules and regulations of Iran, Europe and the US Medical Devices Administration
2- Practical and practical familiarity with the function of medical equipment.
Course Topics        
1- Recognizing general and commonly used medical equipment parts
2- Understanding Medical Equipment Requirements and Rules in Iran and the World: Extracting Practical Information from the Iranian Medical Equipment Administration and the US FDA
3- Introduction to Cardiac Monitoring - ECG Unit and its Quality Control Methods and Analyzer
4- Introduction to Cardiac Monitoring - NIBP, IBP Unit and its Quality Control Methods and Analyzer
5- Introduction to Cardiac Monitoring - SPO2 Unit and its Temperature and Quality Control Methods and Analyzer
6- Getting acquainted with the ventilating machine
7- Familiarity with the hemodialysis machine
8. Getting to know the anesthesia machine
9- Introduction to Defibrillator (Heart Shock)
10- Introduction to electrosurgery machine
11- Introduction to incubators and infant resuscitation beds
12- Familiarity with the dental unit and its accessories
13- Introduction to the general standard of medical equipment and quality control methods
Reading Resources
1-Webster, John G., ed." Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design." John Wiley & Sons, 2009.
2- Webster, John G., and Halit Eren. “Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook: Spatial, Mechanical, Thermal, and Radiation Measurement”. CRC press, 2016.

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