Method of research and technical reporting

(Department)  Biomedical Engineering         (Division)       -
 (Level and Major) bachelor

Course Title                   Method of research and technical reporting
Number of Credits       2             Prerequisite -
Lecturer -

Course Description -
 Course Goals and Objectives
This course describes how to prepare reports (with emphasis on scientific and technical reports in their true position) as part of communication and decision making and the process of action.
Course Topics        
1.Purpose of Reporting
2.What is the report?
2.1 Report Value
2.2 Reporting components
2.3 types of reports
2.4 Segmentation and paragraphing of information included in the report
3. Planning and its importance
3.1 Planning Tips
3.2 Planning before writing
3.3 Programming while writing
3.4 Post-Writing Programming (Typing - Revision - Final Control)
4. Gathering information and its various methods.
Reading Resources
  1. اصول و مبانی تحقیق در علوم مهندسی –تالیف دکتر محمد جواد کتابداری ، نشر تهران دانشگاه صنعتی امیر کبیر 1396
  2. شیوه­ی اراِئه­ی مطالب علمی و فنی، دکتر سعید شیری، عباس خلیلی، انتشارات دانشگاه صنعتی امیر کبیر (پلی تکنیک تهران)، 1397

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