Computational Methods in Tissue Engineering

(Department)  Biomedical Engineering         (Division)      Biomaterials and Tissue
 (Level and Major)            Graduate

Course Title              Computational Methods in Tissue Engineering                                     
Number of Credits       3             Prerequisite  

Course Description:
This course introduces the computational modeling approach in tissue engineering.
Course Topics:
  • Introduction of modeling applications in Tissue Engineering
  • Multiscale Modeling in Tissue Engineering
  • Computational approaches in Scaffolds modeling
  • Optimization approaches in tissue engineering
  • Computational modeling in angiogenesis
  • Computational modeling in cell signaling
  • Computational modeling in development, growth, and diseases
The course aims to:
Develop detailed understanding of the computational modeling approaches in tissue engineering
Reading Resources:
  • Paulo Rui Fernanez, Paulo Jorge Bartolo, Tissue engineering: computer modeling,
  • Biofabrication and Cell behavior, Springer, 2014
  • Liesbet Geris, Computational modeling in tissue engineering, Springer, 2013
  • Paulo Rui Fernandez, Paulo Jorge Bertolo, Advances on modeling in tissue engineering,
Springer, 2011
  • Principles of Computioal Cell Biology: From Protein Complexes to Cellular Networks By
Volkharf Helms, 2009
Homework, term projects, midterm and final exams

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