Currently materials used in the body can be classified in groups of metals, polymers, ceramics & composites.Application of biomaterials is affected by the   reaction of the materials & body and they should be biologically adaptive.  In other words, the effect of body environment on the materials and the effect of materials on the body have to be considered.Biopolymers, bioceramics...
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Bioelectric major in biomedical engineering is one of the most extensive fields of research in the faculty. Some research directions for this branch can be listed as following:
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The biomechanics is the mechanical analysis of the organs and organisms and application of mechanics to biological systems. In biomechanics, cell mechanisms, movement and growth of organs, bone structure and the function of the arterial system are studied. Also issues such as visco-elasticity, rheology, mechanics of soft and hard tissue (creep, fatigue and failure), non-Newton fluid, repair, hemodynamic, ergonomics, bio..
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