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Introduction to Finite Element Methods in Biomechanics

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Course Title                Introduction to Finite Element Methods in Biomechanics                           
Number of Credits       3             Prerequisite 

Course Description:
This is a special topic course in Introduction to Finite Element Methods in Biomechanics. The finite element method is a numerical method for solving problems of engineering. Typical problems of interest in engineering that are solvable by use of the finite element method include structural analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, mass transport, and electromagnetic potential. One of the areas in which finite element method can have immense application is Biomechanics. In this course, first an overview of the applications of FEM will be provided, then some examples from Biomechanics will be introduced.
Course Topics:
The following subjects will be covered in this course:
1.  Introduction to finite element method and its applications in Biomechanics
2. Introduction to the stiffness method
3. Development of truss equations
4. Development of beam equations
5. Frame and grid equations
6. Development of the plane stress and plane strain stiffness equations
7. Practical considerations in modelling
8. Development of the linear strain triangle equations
9. Axisymmetric elements
10. Isoparametric formulation
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