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Tissue Mechanics

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(Department)  Biomedical Engineering         (Division)      Biomaterials and Tissue
 (Level and Major)            Graduate

Course Title              Tissue Mechanics                                    
Number of Credits       3             Prerequisite   Strength of Materials

Course Description:
This course describes the effect of forces upon biological tissues.
Course Goals and Objectives:
This course deals with the constitutive models that describe the deformation of biological tissues under loading and analyzes the pathological effect of such phenomenon.
Course Topics:
  • Introduction to biosystems
  • Inorganic components of biological tissues
  • Organic components of biological tissues
  • Mechanical properties of microstructures of biological tissues
  • Mechanical properties of soft biological tissues
  • Mechanical properties of hard biological tissues
  • Finite elasticity, hyperelasticity, poroelasticity, biphasic
  • Tissue Remodeling
  • Biomechanical analysis of body tissue pathology and aging
The course aims to:
  • Develop detailed understanding of the mechanics theory that rules in biological tissues
  • Develop detailed understanding of the mechanical properties of soft and hard tissues
Reading Resources:
  • Holzapfel G. A. , Ogden R. W., Mechanics of Biological Tissue, 9002, Springer
  • Fung y. c., Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues (9nd ed), Springer, 1223
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  • Martin R. B. et al., Skeletal Tissue Mechanics, 1229, Springs
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