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Stem Cell Engineering

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(Department)  Biomedical Engineering         (Division)      Biomaterial
 (Level and Major)            MSc or PhD

Course Title             Stem Cell Engineering                                     
Number of Credits       3             Prerequisite  

Course Description:
This course will introduce students to the history and fundamental principles of stem cells, mix and match of stem cells for research purposes, associated ethical issues, clinical applications and future perspective of this field.
Course Goals and Objectives:
The main goal of this course is to teach students how to read and critique the biomedical scientific literature in stem cell research area. To understand the different kinds of stem cells and engineering methods to extract, evaluate, expand and guide the differentiation process. In this course the students will get familiar with common concepts of stem cell engineering and traditional/recent methods of culturing stem cells for different purposes. The stem cell’s capabilities for future regenerative medicine, cancer research, and developmental researches will be discussed.
  Course Topics       
  •             Introduction to the course
  • Different sources of stem cells and categories
  • Reprograming methods
  • Cancer stem cells  
  • Mix and matching stem cells: hybrids, chimera, cybrids, nuclear transfer, IVF, etc.
  • Stem cell culture systems
  • Engineering methods to control stem cell fate: applied signals.
  • Proof of concept studies for usage of stem cells in regenerative medicine
  • Ethical concerns and future perspective
  • Student topic of choice
The course aims to teach:
  • The history and basics of stem cell knowledge.
  • New research techniques and engineering methods for controlling stem cell’s fate.
  • How stem cells could lead to cures for diseases and individualized therapies.
  • What has already been accomplished, what challenges remain, and what medical breakthroughs may lie ahead. 
Reading Resources:
  • Robert Lanza, John Gearhart, Brigid Hogan, Douglas Melton, Roger Pedersen, E. Donnall Thomas, James Thomson and Sir Ian Wilmut, Essentials of Stem Cell Biology, Elsevier Inc. 2009.
  • Song Li, Nicholas L’ Heureux, Jenniffere Elliseeff, Stem cell and tissue engineering, World Scientific Publishing Company, 2011.
  • Lawrence S.B. Goldstein, Meg Schneider, Stem Cells For Dummies, Wiley Publishing Inc. 2010.
  • Krishnendu Roy, Biomaterials as Stem Cell Niche, Springer, 2010.
  • Dr. Baharvand’s collection of four-volume books on Stem Cell, House of Biology Publications, 2008
The class is graded on a final exam basis but student’s participation and engagement in the course topics, as well as attendance at each class session and completion of possible assignments is counted too. At the end of course there will be presentations on different topics of the current course for students to encourage their participation and the quality of presentation and the written hard copy will be evaluated. There will be extra points for those who prepare a review article from their presentation subject.  
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